Audrey Kuppenbender

I love skin... Face, Hands & Feet. 

I am like you, I have skin and I've had problems with my skin: redness, itching and stinging, breakouts / oiliness, and flaky dry areas.  I wanted to feel good about my skin, so I sought out knowledge about how to care for my skin.  I learned what stress did to my skin.  I learned what environment has done to my skin.  I learned about what I did to my skin.

I have been educated on how to care for skin, to heal it, to improve it's function, which is barrier.  Skin is our largest organ.  It shields and protects us and healthy skin is achievable.

When someone comes to me with a concern or issue with their skin, I want to help them feel good about their skin.  I want them to love their skin because it is possible.  As a Skin Care Therapist, I am a detective, asking questions, relying on my knowledge, training and what I see, to partner with the client to seek solutions.  Solutions that with consistency will work for them.


Licensed Esthetician (Z95686)

Licensed Nail Technician (M302110)

Dermalogica - Expert Certification

100+ Post Graduate Hours (International Dermal Institute)

PCA Skin Care - Certification

Graduate W Institute of Cosmetology

BBA - Golden Gate University